How to extend a student's enrollment?

This KB is for MLC administrators with the correct permissions (facilitator or higher roles). Students should rather follow these instructions. If you require administrative permissions please mail

Administrators can extend the duration of a students enrollment by amending the student's enrollment options. When you receive a request for an extension, follow these steps:
  1. Access the list of enrolled users in a course either by following the link in the notification expiry notification sent to you or navigate to the course that the student requires an extension for and choose Course Administration / Enrolled Users from the Administration block on the course page.
  2. Search for the student needing an extension using the search form at the top of the list of enrolled students.
  3. Ensure the student has the 'student' role by clicking in the corresponding column and choosing 'Student' from the list of roles.
  4. Choose the gears icon that corresponds to the students enrollment method that is due to expire; generally self-enrollment or manual enrollment.
  5. Amend the students enrollment to a date in the future as required or requested by the student.
  6. You must ensure that the student's course status is marked 'Active' and not 'Suspended'
  7. Save the changes you have made.
Notifications of the extension are not sent to students automatically so please make sure to send confirmation that the extension was granted via e-mail to the student.

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