Where can I find a list of users who have completed a course?

A list of users is available which details whether a user is has completed a course or not. In order to access the list, you should follow these steps:
  1. Navigate to the course you require a completion report for
  2. Look for the block titled 'Course Completion Status' on the right hand side
  3. Click on 'View Course Report' to view a list all of the users in the course (the 'view details' link will show only the logged in user's completion status)
  4. Some courses have separate groups enabled so you will need to select the required reporting group from the drop-down at the top of the report.
The last column titled 'Course Complete' shows which users have completed the course with a check-mark indicating their completion status. For courses with more than one activity contributing to the course completion status is shown per activity.

At the bottom of the report is an option to download the report in Excel spreadsheet format. If you use this option, please ignore any warnings regarding incorrect file-formats or file extensions and allow Excel to open the file anyway.

This functionality is only available to specified users with elevated permissions. If you require elevated permissions on MLC, please e-mail us at mix.learning@mixtelematics.com

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