Why am I receiving forum e-mails from MLC?

If  you are enrolled in a course on the MiX Learning Centre you may have been enrolled in the course forum automatically.

Why was I subscribed?

The forum is a mechanism that allows all subscribed users to see what is being said on a particular course. Generally one would post course topic related queries, comments & replies.

Note: As it is a forum all posts will be distributed via e-mail to all the subscribed members.

Subscribing to forum discussions

Users can subscribe to forum discussions in a number of ways, in order to receive notification about new posts.

  1. From the Preferences link in the user menu they can choose to be automatically subscribed to forum discussions when they post
  2. They can click on the open envelope icon next to a forum discussion. (It will then change to a closed envelope.)
  3. They can click into the forum and click the cog icon top right and subscribe to the whole forum.

If you have finished the course that a forum post originates from you may want to unsubscribe, as you will continue to receive forum posts until you take this action.  You can re-establish your subscription by re-entering the course and opening the forum should you have something you want to contribute or query.

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